Affiliate with the Florida AFL-CIO

As a member of organized labor, you've no doubt heard about unity and solidarity. These are fundamental principles of the labor movement. And there's a reason! In unity, there is strength. That's why unions affiliate with the Florida AFL-CIO.

Anything won through collective bargaining can be lost through politics and legislation. Unions united under the banner of the Florida AFL-CIO have more clout to protect their members' hard-won gains. The more unions that belong to the Florida AFL-CIO, the stronger the state federation and each affiliated union becomes.

Our efforts affect all of Florida's working families. Not only are we involved in such broad issues as taxes, insurance, health care and education; we also focus on individual affiliates' needs. For example, we work with building trades unions on apprenticeship issues and we join with public employee unions in their fight against contracting out. We assist in mobilization efforts such as the rally held in support of the Quincy farmworkers in their struggle to gain union recognition or the statewide support of the Teamsters during the UPS strike.

By becoming a part of the Florida AFL-CIO, unions can more effectively address their members' needs. Your union can join with the other affiliates in determining the priorities and agenda of the Florida AFL-CIO.

Affiliation is easy. Simply complete the Application for Affiliation (PDF) and mail it to us or call 850-224-6926 and we'll mail you an application. Affiliating is easy, if you have any questions at all during the process give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.